Diglade is a decentralized platform where you can deploy smart application or website.

Has an own PoS the DIGL crypto currency and rewards to each CPU worker.

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Encrypted network with own blockchain available for Win, Mac, Linux.

A virtual machine inside can deploy smart-applications or simple websites.

Crypto currency

Decentralized and fully anonymous digital money inside platform. Fast confirmations and processing more than 1000 transactions per second. Easy to use PoS crypto currency.


Earnings from offers third-party developers or stacking network. Every worker will be receive the reward for providing own virtual machine to use CPU power.


The platform allows you to deploy and run smart applications that will work on an own blockchain. For example, you can deploy your own secure messenger with data encryption.

Open source

Fully open source code and development support by community. All the main nodes for encrypting data use private keys with algorithm SHA-512 and use End-to-End encryption.

Distribution of Tokens

Diglade Tokens is a digital keys based on blockchain technology, containing information on the amount of crypto currency DIGL that can be received in future after launch Diglade network. Digital keys are issued to the blockchain WAVES Platform

Crowdsale distribution

Every 10 min. the price of selling a tokens decreases on 10 tokens for each bitcoin. Buy first at the start of sales and get more tokens.

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What we want to do?

The Diglade platform combines several features

Own crypto currency with fast transactions. CPU rental system. Staking PoS for full nodes. Deploy simple web sites or smart applications.

diglade service

Powerful cloud blockchain server

All of smart applications will work on server inside blockchain.

Cloud resources

Application developers will determine the amount of remuneration for the rental of the CPU, and then they will be able to deploy the application. Every CPU worker provides its own computing power for a fee forming a cloud of connected nodes.

CPU workers

Every CPU worker what was connected to the node receives a reward in return by providing its own computing power.

Smart deploy

The cloud blockchain server allows to deploy a smart contract, application, or a simple web site.

Get started our action plan immediately

We are have the easiest and fastest onboarding process in the entire industry. Get started buys tokens today.

Crowdsale of tokens

Sales of tokens on the crowdsale portal. Every 10 minutes the price of the token increases.

Delivery of tokens

Issue and withdrawal of digital keys (tokens) to personal Waves wallet address.

Roadmap implementation

Research and development of main Diglade platform software with the roadmap.


Deploying retail brands and applications for the first time, devs and users can get bonuses for development and deploy into the Diglade platform.

For developers

To deploy applications you must create an interesting and useful product for the platform. Users and holders of cryptocurrency must determine which application they want to see inside the platform.

For members

Smart apps developers must create only useful or commercial applications, users themselves vote which application they want to deploy in a blockchain, also users can receive rewards from developers of application. Developers can set payments for using or voting within the application.

Crowdsale partners reward

Invite friends and get 5% of tokens to your account from each deposit of your referrals. It's simple and free for every members crowdsale.

Get referral link

Log in to your account at crowdsale portal. On the partners page you will find a personalized link to invite friends.

Share your link

You can share your referral link on social networks or send it to a friends in the messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, etc).

Get free 5% tokens

When your referral makes a deposit, you will receive 5% of tokens to your account from paid orders of invited users.


Digital keys are the assets that you get as result of fundraise for our development and research. These are Diglade tokens (assets) on the WAVES Platform, which can be receive, sent, sell, buys or exchanged to other crypto currency BTC, ETH, WAVES etc. or converted in future to the DIGL crypto currency.
Diglade tokens are digital keys that allow you to get the DIGL crypto currency after of launching the main nodes.

In the future we will released a DIGL crypto currency on the Diglade platform. On this platform you will have the opportunity free convert your digital keys (diglade tokens) to DIGL. Crypto currency DIGL will be released only as exchange to digital keys.

Exchange rate: 5 KEYS = 1 DIGL.
When of the tokens distribution is completed, you can sell, buy or exchange at the DEX exchange to other crypto currency.
Waves have a decentralized exchange (DEX) to instant trade after released, also fastest and secure blockchain and more features including voting of token holders.
You must create a new account on crowdsale portal and open «digital keys» link. Then choose the crypto currency you want to send and press button for check result of payment. Done. After successfuly payment we automatically calculate and credited of tokens to your account. You will only have to specify the Waves address and order a withdrawal.
All the members of our team are big fans of Satoshi Nakamoto. Therefore, we want to adhere to some anonymity at this stage.
This does not mean that we are not fair. We are just make a own job privately to devote more time to developing, also in our country at the moment, restricted operations with crypto currencies by government.

Do not worry about our skill, we have more than 5 members who develop applications in Java, C++ and other languages more than 10 years.
All unsold Diglade tokens (digital keys) will be burned inside the Waves Platform.
We are currently in the process of development. To continue building software, we need some assets for research, application testing, developers pay and find a new members team.

Have another question?

Please contact our technical support department by email [email protected]

The Diglade of token sale summary distribution

Tokens Supply
On Sale
For Partners

Diglade Road Map

Take a look at our roadmap. We have planned the approximate dates. On the achievement of goals, we will report to Twitter.

Roadmap Release
website launch


Issue digital keys
Blockchain Issue (Tokens)

Private token sale

Distribution of digital keys

Withdrawals digital keys (tokens) to private investors


Withdrawals digital keys (tokens) to public investors


Research of protocol


New Client GUI


Mobile App Wallet

Launch some nodes

Stacking Release

Release of The Final Smart Application Templates

Unit testing system apps


Exchange Diglade tokens to the DIGL crypto currency

Blockchain cloud server Release

Api Release

Build Functional (crypto wallet, stacking, cloud server, deploy web apps)


Cloud CPU computing


Marketplace for deployment of smart applications


Much more to come


Who We Are

Get to know our team and vision

Founded in 2018, Diglade platform is a new dev team focused on blockchain technology.

We have a distributed team across multiple countries and time zones. We all collectively work towards the unified goal of delivering beautiful, well-engineered cross platform software that are functionally robust and easy to use.

Our software development experience over 10 years.

Leadership Team
Kotoku NakairoChief Executive Officer
Santy PorezcaChief Technical Officer
Artur SareichChief Engineer

Our Mission

We building a development team to create a global computing cloud on a blockchain. Which will work as a super web server and allow to deploy third-party smart applications.

Imagine that you can deploy to the blockchain not only a smart contact, but and software, application or website with an interface.

This is amazing.